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Kentavros Security

KENTAVROS SECURITY is a licensed agency in Greece based in Piraeus providing security programs for client’s specific needs. Newly established as a full service security firm, KENTAVROS Security implements security officers for businesses, personal protection, investigative services, monitoring, and installation of electronic devices.

KENTAVROS SECURITY officers are carefully chosen upon submitting a background check, criminal record check, fingerprint check and drug screening.  They are also selected based on their experience, level of professionalism and skill.
At  KENTAVROS SECURITY our clients are our top priority.  We offer a relationship with every individual and/or business.  Our clients are treated with respect and addressed by first and last name and not by account number.

KENTAVROS is a security company that is available 24/7 and has the expertise to provide solutions to all the security needs of clients.  A professional management team monitors officers at all times.

Kentavros Security