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Statewide, IA     |      Security Services

On Point Security Group  

When it comes to the security of your firm, your organization, your person, or your property, there is no such thing as a second chance. On Point Security Group understands this crucial reality and has mobilized our staff's experience as former military and police personnel for your maximum protection. If you are looking for an experienced highly motivated, quality-driven, and focused security organization, stop right here and contact us now. 

We don't believe in excuses, and neither should you. All our systems are transparent, tested, and geared to work to protect you at all times. We continuously upgrade our operations and security tactics to give you what you are looking for – RESULTS!

If you have tried other security providers and have walked away disappointed, contact On Point Security Group today and let us SHOW YOU how security is done! We hold ourselves to the highest standards and deliver only the same. Don't accept anything less but the best – your safety, security, and peace of mind depend on it.

On Point Security Group


Statewide, IA     |      Security & Investigative Services

Eagleland Security Ltd   (563) 570-6787 

We are a new full service security company with a complete range of services, including private security and investigative services.

We will provide personal attention to each and every customer regardless of the size or scope of your business or residence.

Our employees are screened and tested to ensure we hire the most qualified personnel. Our employees are licensed/certified and trained in the use of nonlethal and lethal force, defensive tactics, weapon retention, handcuffing, kubaton, report and field note writing, public relations, CPR, First Responders Aid and basic fire safety training.

Our employees will present themselves in a professional manner and appearance at all times.  We are the first line of security for our customers and will work hand in hand with law enforcement on a city, state and federal level.

Eagleland Security Ltd

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