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Southfield, MI      |      Security & Investigations

Vista International Security & Invest Solutions

Vista International, (V.International) Security & Investigative Solutions, Inc is duel licensed, bonded and fully insured in the state of Michigan as well as the State of Ohio, and soon to be licensed within the states of Georgia  as well as the state of Texas. We've been serving investigative, security and protection industry's for many years.Our management staff, have prior experience in law enforcement as well as the armed forces.  We are also networking with several international agencies...

Vista International Security & Investigative Solutions


Southfield, MI      |      Security Services

Pembroke Security Group LLC

Pembroke Security is licensed, bonded and insured in Michigan, and here to service all your security needs. Our commitment is protecting you and your assets. We are your one-stop security resource. Our services stretch beyond the realm of basic security expertise of crime prevention, detecting and reporting. We offer a unique blend of security, administrative and customer service professionals that are tailored to our clients conditions. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to professionalism and the quality that our clients deserve. We offer threat-assessment consultations along with 24/7 rapid response service. As a contract security provider, our team will offer that important first impression. Our employees will represent your company and will take pride and ownership in doing so. 

The role of the traditional security guard has evolved to include greeters, customer and guest services, administration, as well as first responder of defense role. Post 9/11 counter-terrorism and hazardous material expertise were added to various responsibility of the role of security professionals. Whether it’s security in an office building, concierge, executive protection, patrolling or monitoring you are looking for, Pembroke Security has the right security officer, professionally trained to provide you with the best security coverage to meet your needs. This can be customized to suit every environment with the assurance of maximum security.

Pembroke Security Group


Statewide, MI      |      Security Services

G Woodbury and Associates, Inc

Very few things are as important in life as security.  It’s important to understand that security isn’t merely for the rich or the famous.  If you are a person who values the safety of your family or business, finding a good security guard or security system should be a top priority.

Do your due diligence before hiring guards from a security company. After all, you are trusting these men and women to be in your designated areas and in some cases they will be there after hours.  It would be a bitter piece of irony if you ended up compromising the security of your home or business as a result of a shady security guard.

The guards should be dressed in a uniform that clearly identifies them as security guards.  They should also have proper equipment such as flashlights and phones.  Make sure you and several others know the phone numbers of the guards in case of an emergency. 

Pay close attention to the demeanor and conduct of prospective security guards.  If you hire guards with extreme personalities, it is likely to affect the attitudes of the employees and others who interact with them.  They may not respond in a responsible manner in the event of an emergency.

A good security guard can go a long way in protecting your home or business.  Even if he or she can prevent one crime you will not regret spending the money to hire the guard.

G Woodbury and Associates, Inc

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