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Countrywide- New Zealand    |    Security & Consulting Services
Integrity Group Solutions

Integrity Group Solutions has worked on a multitude of community and corporate projects based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our board share a vision of experience in event services, investigations and child protection that spans over 20 years. We pride ourselves in maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each client with care and consideration. We’re a hand-picked, high-quality team with the diverse skills needed to solve your issue. We are all about providing a service and solution you cant trust. 

Integrity Group Solutions


Countrywide- New Zealand      |      Investigations

Moratti & Associates

No one ever imagines that they will need to request a trust investigation be carried out on their spouse but it is a regular occurrence. You are not alone and you have a right to know the truth.

Moratti & Associates provide our clients with the answers in a factual but personal way and give you the guidance and proof to face any issue with assurance and peace of mind. You will only have to deal with the agent in charge of your case and discretion is guaranteed. 

Moratti & Associates


Countrywide- New Zealand      |       Security & Investigations 

Scope Investigations

Scope Investigations was formed in 1987 with the vision of providing discreet personal and corporate investigation services to its clientele. With over 20 years experience in the investigation industry, Scope can put into operation any type of investigative assignment, efficiently and professionally. Scope applies a solving approach to all their investigations and pro-actively support and protect the interests of their clients.
Scope has built strategic partnerships with other national and internationally based investigation companies allowing it to manage extensive and broad operations.

Scope Investigations


Countrywide- New Zealand     |     Investigations

Alpha Omega Associates

At Alpha Omega we will work with our clients, not just for them. This means that we are comitted to providing you with the best performance and service. We have established an organisation that has proven its ability to achieve the best results for our clients and it is with pride that we extend this commitment to you. For many years Alpha Omega Associates has worked hard to bring the profession into the 21st century. With modern technology and the latest equipment, our staff have trained hard in order to give accurate, friendly and above all, a confidential service to a large number of institutions and organisations...

Alpha Omega


Countrywide- New Zealand     |     Security Services

Neill Group - Licensed Private Investigators & Security Specialists

Neill Group are Wellington based process servers, licensed private investigators, security specialists and professional service providers with a strategic network of associates throughout New Zealand and worldwide. 

Neill Group is a multi-faceted organisation with over 25 years of experience in the security and investigation arena providing a range of client centric services based on recognised best practice. 

Neill Group incorporates New Zealand Security & Investigations and encompasses a number of operational business units including: 

Accredited Process Servers serves all civil, criminal and family court matters including divorce proceedings, trespass notices and international process throughout New Zealand. 

Nationwide Recoveries provides field agent services from asset trace and recovery to tracing, complex repossessions and debtor interviews.  

Protective Services is a leading security, protection and risk management organisation providing a diverse range of specialised security services and risk management solutions. 

Specialised Training Solutions are facilitators offering a range of training programmes in security, executive protection, close protection, loss prevention and personal safety. 

By working as a partner, Neill Group are commited to delivering a unique value proposition with professional expertise, innovation and tangible results to selected business, commercial, legal and private clients. 

Neill Group are currently certified and licensed as Private Investigators, Security Consultants, Crowd Controllers and Personal Guards by the New Zealand Private Security Licensing Authority and are members of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators. 

Please contact us in confidence for a no obligation consultation or for further information. 

Neill Group - Licensed Private Investigators & Security Specialists


Countrywide- New Zealand     |     Security & Investigations

Protective Services - New Zealand's Security & Protection Specialists

Protective Services is not just a security guard company, our team of dedicated security professionals deliver a range of specialised security, personal protection and associated risk management services based on recognised international best practice. The strength of our organisation is drawn from the commitment and experience of our team who are selected exclusively from the police and military. 

Protective Services also provides a range of personal and corporate security services along with licensed crowd controllers, travel escorts, event security managers, internationally certified bodyguards, risk management consultants, contract security managers, security drivers, witness protection specialists and surveillance operatives. 

Protecting Services will be providing personal protection services and security consultancy to a number of dignitaries, celebrities, high profile individuals and international syndicates attending the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Please contact us if we can assist you with your security requirements during the RWC 2011 in New Zealand.

If you need a well executed security service or advice on how we can minimise risk to you or your interests, please contact us in confidence for a no obligation consultation.

Protective Services - New Zealand's Security & Protection Specialists
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