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Shadown Investigations

Shadow Investigations private investigators provide comprehensive investigative solutions for insurance fraud/SIU investigation, criminal defense, and domestic and civil cases in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona...

Shadow Investigations


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Omega Services International

Directed by Matthew Hamilton, P.I., W.P.P.S., P.P.A., Omega Services International is a 
premier investigation,security and risk management company with more than a decade of
experience in both Government and Private sectors.

OSI was formed to satisfy the security and investigation needs of clientele ranging from 
the highest ranks of government, corporate and civilian life to the everyday citizen.

Our employees and contractors are among the most highly skilled, educated, trained and 
experienced professionals in the protection, investigation, security and
risk management industry.

OSI offers many services including: Executive Protection and Security, Transport, 
Investigations, Asset Protection,Crisis Management, Risk Consulting, Workplace Violence 
Prevention, Logistics and Background Screenings.

No matter what your situation, the professionals at Omega Services International will 
research a problem or question, develop programs and systems, then do our very best to 
provide solutions and answers.

Omega Services International

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