is a dynamic Security Business Consulting Company. We are an "A" rated firm, registered with the Better Business Bureau; a TrustGuard Verified Business and a Verified Merchant for   We execute tactical and effective activities to leverage our client's success. We are in the business of creating Security Companies and keeping them in business. From our affordable financing plans to our easy-to-understand e-books, templates and manuals, we offer flexibility and understand that our clients have a variety of needs. Our focus is on achieving "Quality" results to maintain long term partnerships with our fraternal clientele.

Our key products and services include:

>> Complete Business Development (We do everything for you from A-Z)
>> Logo Development & Branding
>> Website Development & Hosting
>> Search Engine Optimization
>> Marketing Campaigns
>> Tutorial E-books
>> Editable Template Documents
>> Insurance & Bond Filing Services
>> Merchant Services for Security Business
>> Creating Documents for Security Business
>> Security Business Consulting

Some recent projects include:

Reticle National Security Agency: Based in Oregon, this project was a complete start up kit. The project began February 15  of 2010 and was completed in April of 2010. 

Asymmetric Security Consulting: Based in Virginia, this project was a full start up kit. The principals of this business are ex-military operatives who are now operating a full service military-type security consulting service. 

Stat Security: Based in New York, this project was a full start up kit, with license and bond services. The principal is a former police sergeant who is now operating his company in New York. Since his inception, only 9 months ago, he has landed several contracts, including a long term government (School) contract.

Fab Security: Based in Melbourne Australia, this project was a mixture of website development, consulting and proposal writing. The owner enjoys calls for service on a regular basis, due to his number 1 ranking in Australia’s Google search results. 

Legion Security Service: Based in Pennsylvania, this was a full start up kit. The owner, a former security supervisor, has benefited from many calls for service due to his number 1 rankings for virtually every search term related to security guard companies in Pennsylvania. 

Metropolitan Security Management: Based in Maryland, the MSM project was a full start up package that was competed in January of 2010.

A&B Security Enforcement Agency: Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this project was a complete start up package that was completed in February of 2011. 

Metropol Security Services: Based in Houston, Texas, this project was a full start up package that was competed in January of 2011.

Our professional management staff has extensive security industry and business experience to ensure the quality of each project. <<read more about our management team>>

The key to our success is our thorough understanding of the security industry. We then execute a strategic plan with our proven processes to maximize your return on investment. We build the infrastructure and lay the ground work for your company's long term success.

Our products are utilized around the world by thousands of security and investigation companies. 

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