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Do you need help:

>> Starting a Security Company?
>> Landing Security Contracts?
>> Writing a Proposal for Security Services?
>> Incorporating Your Company?
>> Obtaining Insurance or Bond for Security Company?
>> Designing a Logo?
>> Writing the Content for Your Security or Investigations Website?
>> Designing a Website?
>> Obtaining a Toll Free Number?
>> Finding Government Security Contracts to Bid On?
>> Avoiding Legal Pit-Falls of this Industry?
>> Writing your standard Operating Procedures?
>> Finding a Girlfriend? (just kidding)
>> Hiring Security Personnel?
>> Buying or Selling a Security Company?
>> Writing a Security Company Business Plan?
>> or anything related to the Security or Investigative Business: uniforms, vehicles, weapons, policies, law suits, contracts, badges, grants? Anything, just ask.





 "The world's resource for starting a security company"
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