Bodyguard Contract Template

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Our editable bodyguard contract template is perfect for executive protection agents and companies offering bodyguard services. Our bodyguard contract template includes:

    Payment and Invoicing Terms
    Standard of Care
    Limitation of Liability
    Exhibit “A”


Bodyguard Contract Excerpt:


1.a Services to Client: YOUR COMPANY shall provide the following (“Services”) to Client only. The protection of life of the client within the established area(s) indicated in “Exhibit A” of this agreement only during the contractually agreed upon times and dates as indicated in “Exhibit A” of this agreement, not including adjacent property, sidewalks, streets, wooded areas, residences, establishments, or businesses, or other areas not specifically indicated in this agreement. The designated areas shall be listed in an attached “Exhibit A”. The terms “protection of life”, shall in no way be construed to suggest that YOUR COMPANY is responsible for incidents that occur, which upon acting in good faith, the YOUR COMPANY security guard performs his or her duties as outlined in this contract and according to YOUR COMPANY General Orders, and the incident occurs as a result of an unforeseen circumstance, or upon the reliance by a third party, not covered by this agreement, that YOUR COMPANY is responsible for the protection of his or her life or any other duties contained in this agreement to the client. YOUR COMPANY employees will not perform any duties not contracted for. Further that this agreement is solely for the mutual benefit of the parties who enter into it. Nothing shall be construed to suggest that YOUR COMPANY, its employees, agents, or security guards are compelled, required, contracted, or willing to protect the life or lives of persons unless specifically listed in this agreement.


Price $24