Security Company Standard Operating Procedures

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Every security company must operate within the guidelines of their Standard Operating Procedures and General Orders. Our editable orders are designed to limit liability and to act as a guided hand during emergency and day to day operations. The lack of standard operating procedures can greatly increase your vulnerability to civil suits. We offer a comprehensive SOP Manual for security companies as an instant download and it’s completely editable and customizable to your business!

Security SOP Manual Includes:


General Rules & Regulations

Harassment & Sexual Harassment

Illegal Drugs & Alcohol Abuse

Chain Of Command

Probationary Period

Training Requirements


Parking Accommodations


Employee Issued Lockers

Authorized Break Periods

Sleeping On Duty & Breaks

Smoking On Duty

Solicitation & Distribution

Civilian Complaints

Performance Evaluations

Company Uniforms

Use Of Body Armour

Shaving Restrictions

Photo ID Cards



Acknowledgement Of General Orders (Bonus)

Use Of Force


Collapsible Batons

OC Foam

Prohibited Use Of Firearms

Prohibited Use Of Unauthorized Weapons

Patrol Operations

Vehicles & Equipment

Employee Issued Keys

Company & Client Radios

Report Procedures

Lost & Found Procedures

Motorist Assistant

Missing Persons

Medical Emergencies

Bloodborne Pathogens

Hazardous Materials

Bomb Threats

Price $24