Security Services Proposal Template

Security Services Proposal Template

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Looking for a professionally designed and written Security Services Proposal for your security firm? Avoid the painstaking task of proposal writing and especially avoid the bank-breaking expenses associated with contracting a proposal contractor to write your proposals. Our proposal for security services template is ready to use and more importantly, is designed by security professionals for security professionals.
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Our editable security services proposal template includes the following material:

    Applicant Screening
    Customer Service
    Free Estimate Sheet – Perfect For Short-Term Jobs

Writing a security services proposal is perhaps one of the most important skills you can master when you open your security or investigation service company. However, if you’re like most people, writing your own security services proposal feels like an overwhelming task. This is largely due to the time, knowledge and effort needed to develop a professional security services proposal.

You May Ask Yourself…

  • Where do I begin?
  • How do I organize my proposal for security services in response to the solicitation?
  • What is most important to this customer?
  • How is the security services proposal going to compare to the other proposals the client receives?
  • What if I invest all this work and we lose?
  • How is it that we keep getting beat by companies that seem inferior?
  • Is there a way I can standardize the process to achieve success every time?

Most owners of small and medium-sized federal contracting companies wish that writing security service proposals were not a requirement of doing business with the Federal Government. Over the past several years, the perception has been that the GSA Schedules and other Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) have reduced the necessity for preparation and submittal of large proposals and to some extent they have.

Recent procurement abuse incidents, including inter-agency contracting problems, Iraq rebuilding scandals, Katrina contracting problems, and misuse of Congressional dollars, have refocused the Federal Government on whether or not procurement reform has gone too far. We will undoubtedly see a new emphasis on full and open competition until the latest Congressional scrutiny of rules and procedures subsides once again.

Because of the Federal Government’s recent focus on open competition, more proposals will be required for contractors. Furthermore, there will be an emphasis on the necessity for submittal of technical proposals for task orders under MAS contracts like GSA schedules. In spite of recent developments, contractors must keep in mind that sales must still be made well in advance in the issuance of Request For Proposal (RFP). The end request is that contractors are going to have to write proposals to close the deals they have partially or completely sold to end users ahead of the bidding process.

Our security proposal template is ready to use and has been proven successful each and every day by our founder’s security firm USPA Nationwide Security. Leave this most important of documents to the professionals, and have confidence that the proposal for security services that you purchase from us will provide you the best chance of landing your next large contract.