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How to Start a Security Company
Promote a Security Company
Promote a Security Company
Promote a Security Company
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The Price 
Absolutely Free.
The Goal 
The Goal is to increase exposure on the web for both your security company as well as mine, utilizing a fast and simple link exchange program.  Having relevant incoming links to your website is crucial to achieving first page results in popular search engines, such as Google. 

Most companies offer link swapping programs, where as you link your website to their website and they in return will link their site to yours. Unfortunately, link swapping is no longer an effective way to get results in the search engines. Google now recognizes when link swapping is occurring and no longer rewards websites for doing so. The best solution is to have as many incoming links to your website from relevant and credible websites, without linking back. We accomplish this simply by asking you to provide an incoming link from your security website to In return we will add your security listing to our IESA directory and provide an incoming link to your security website from That way we both get credit for incoming links which will reward both our rankings in the search engines. The more relevant the incoming link is, the more credit you get. We have the most credible, relevant incoming links available on the internet when it comes to the security industry. 

The Process
The Process should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.  Pick a page on your website that gets little to no page views. It does not have to be from your home (index) page, any page will do. 

Step 1. Link the key phrase “Security Companies” somewhere on the page to . 

Step 2. Once step 1 is complete, click on the link below to fill out our short form with your business information, and your website will be listed on the directory.

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Benefits to Being Listed in the IESA Directory
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how to start a security company
For 20 years the Mechanic Group has specialized in providing insurance programs to the private security, investigation and electronic security industries.

Today we proudly support: 

*Security Officer 
*Electronic Security - Alarm 
*Background Screening 
*Security Products Manufacturers & Distributor

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Competitive Edge Software has been providing security firms with incident reporting and records management solutions for over 14 years. Write detailed case reports, log each individual officer’s daily events, print professional reports and more. The Report Exec software suite is an all encompassing program that covers all of your reporting and records management needs. 

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Competitive Edge Software - Report Exec
The Mechanic Group - Insurance Company
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With USPA Nationwide, your company gains a worldwide marketing reach, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted cash flow for larger contracts*, payroll assistance* and our industry success. With our certified contractor program, your company is operating 100% as an independent certified contractor of USPA Nationwide. 

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USPA Nationwide Security - Contractor Program

Promote a Security Company
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"the world's resource for starting a security company"
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